Magdalena Los - CH

I wouldn’t even be able to tell you how she looks. I don’t remember. Every time I see her again, it’s in the way she moves and how she looks at me making me recognise her. Her face and body kind of normal or rather unattractive maybe, I can’t remember exactly, but that’s why I can tell her looks are rather not appealing. If she would be beautiful I would be able to remember her face. Talking to her I keep asking, how are u getting along? She’s always optimistic about it, there is always some kind of money from somewhere, I don’t know how she manages to pay her rent actually. Especially when I look at the amount of shoes and clothes she is wearing. She insists it’s all donated. But by whom? Another thing is: She is an artist but I can’t understand what she is doing. Maybe she does not know herself. Half of the time she seems disappointed, angry and bitter. The other half her head is in the clouds and she is in love with everything and everyone. And megalomaniac, in a scary way. Or at least uncomforting. That’s one of her greatest talents: making you feel uneasy. She makes you want to touch her, but she also makes you feel scared of doing it. I am wondering how someone could ever sleep with her. She is most intimidating in the moments you get close to her. That might be true for her art as well. Which could be the reason why she is not as successful as she could be. Maybe. I mean, the moments her artwork gets to touch something inside of you, it makes you feel rejected at the same time. It opens a door but makes it impossible to enter just as much. You can’t get close to neither her nor her art, and I am not so sure about how accidental that is. To me, besides seeming a little weird, she also is not the type of letting things slip away from her. She is in control. At least she tries to be. It’s only an impression of mine, I don’t really know her that well. Drinking Pisco together is fine, though. I could be doing that all summer long.